Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Robert Glasper Trio - Maiden Voyage/ Everything in its right place - Br...

Rob Glasper , be a young lion in modern jazz who understands the genius of both Mr. Monk and Mr. Yancey (J.Dilla) and merge all that appreciation and knowledge into a cohesive work that displays his own rising genius.
Rob seems able to do anything he wants, be it a romantically drenched, haunting, Sehnsuct-filled outing, recalling, remarkably, both Esbjorn Svensson and Frank Kimbrough at once ("Maiden Voyage/Everything in Its Right Place"
I definitely think that Glasper can bring hip hop fans to jazz .
I am so bowled over with not only this live performance but all Glaspers recordings, If it were just mere virtuosity, it would soon wear thin. Instead, the more one listens, the more it reveals its huge musicality, lightly worn.